5 Most common sexual fetishes

Sexual fetishes are some of the activities that many people are inclined to seek or find sexual pleasure or excitement. Most of these practices are generally considered normal healthy.

Submissiveness and domination: This is one of the most common sexual practices. It allows you to discover a different side of the person you show everyday. While in the daytime they are quiet people, in bed they may prefer to go in search of domination. On the other hand, stronger people can let their partner take the reins. This type of practices are known as BDSM which is the abbreviation for Bondage, Domination, Submissiveness and Masochism. Usually those who practice them use handcuffs, masks, whips, etc., which allows them to add a little more excitement at the moment.

Voyeurism: It is a practice in which the person has pleasure with the fact of seeing people naked

Voyeurism: It is a practice in which the person has pleasure with the fact of seeing people naked and even more so when they see them having sexual relations, even when these are not part of the action.

Role-playing and costumes: There are different types of erotic costumes to wear as a couple that can add that different spark to the relationship, as for many seeing their partners in a costume allows them to find another level of excitement.

Anal sex: In addition to being a very strong fantasy for men, it can also be a strong fantasy for women, since everything derives in pleasure out of the ordinary. This adds an extra amount of morbidity and fantasy as much as to achieve new and better orgasms. To make anal sex more relaxed in some cases, there are a series of specific sex toys and desensitizing lubricants that help to make the penetration more pleasant.

Threesomes and orgies: Many men’s sexual fantasies are strongly inclined to the idea of being able to be with more than one woman in the case of threesomes, or to be able to have sex while watching others have sex in the case of orgies. Today it is not just a fantasy of men, as many women also dream of a threesome, which can include either a man or even another woman in bed.

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