7 Things you didn’t know about the penis

You have to be well informed when it comes to penises, this is why here we tell you seven things, which you probably did not know about the male member:

Smoking shortens their size by up to an inch. An erection results from good circulation, but the cigarette calcifies blood vessels.

An erection results from good circulation

Size doesn’t matter: the longer the penis, the better the movement of semen, the better the sperm movement, the only benefit of being well endowed.

The brain is not needed to ejaculate, the order comes directly from the spinal cord.

A man’s orgasm can last 6 seconds. A woman’s, on the other hand, is 23 seconds.

German studies show that average intercourse lasts two minutes and 5 seconds, but women perceive it as five and a half minutes.

The most common cause of penile fractures is excessive masturbation. Careful!

Just one man in 400 is flexible enough to give himself oral pleasure.

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