Don’t Worry About What Others Say About Your Sexual Preferences

sexual preferences and personalityWhile each of you will interpret this as pure fun, you are totally wrong. Sure, you can imagine it’s all just enjoy and ready. But no.

As all the girls who follow me will know, we are not so simple when it comes to the “petite mort” as the French say. We need a minimum climate, a situation, some fantasy even. It’s not like a straw from them. That’s why so much technology is at our service. That’s why so much variety in dildos and vibrators.

The vulgars can say that “there is no p… that suits us” and in reality we have our tastes and try to be selective.

That’s why, from the start, you can feel overwhelmed to see artificial penis display cases and showcases -but so real some of them- so different.

Since each one has its predilection for aromas, flavours, colours, textures and fashions, each one will also have it in terms of sex and how to vibrate, if it’s worth it – of course it’s worth it! – right here the term.

But in a clothing store you can go in, make a mess, drive the salesman crazy and, more fun, try everything!

Obviously. Exactly what you’re thinking. The lingerie in general you can see it and even try some things on, but the vibrators unfortunately not.

More than one would like to check differences, aptitudes, results of this or that fault for one’s own pleasure. But you can’t.

Besides, it’s not a disposable purchase. A great fact: they last much longer than many boyfriends, husbands and lovers. So the purchase must be hyper-analyzed.

But since the good thing is that they are not jealous, you can have several, different from each other, to fulfill each time a different orgasmic fantasy.

Now, if you can’t prove them… who can help us?

Me! And I am not the chapulin but Georgina, who sacrificed myself for all…

The idea is that I will tell you a little bit about the most original vibrators, how I recommend using them and the degrees of fireworks that are provoking me.

To start, I had already overtaken in another column, which intrigued me very much a round one, very futuristic and full of tongues. It’s called Sqweel and is quite different from what we know.

It has 10 tongues as avid for your intimacy as you imagine. They’re soft and silky. They don’t get tired! Y. They’ve got three speeds to suit you. And if you reverse it, you feel another extra sensation.

It uses three batteries that yield a lot, is so discreet on the outside that it looks like a beautiful luxury item…. and luxury is its orgasms!

It was not easy to prove it for you, trying to be aware of the rationality that it generates, because instantly my head flew a thousand meters from the ground.

Just lubricate your lips and clitoris a little bit with some oil that the girls at BE recommend you – I love those who, soon after spreading, raise the temperature – and start with one of its three speeds.

I’d say you feel, thanks to this delicious excitement, how the vagina is lubricated and the vulva swells. Heart rate’s accelerating. Mmmm, just remembering it makes me want to finish this report and go out to look for the Squeel I got.

Rationally, although a little with my eyes out of orbit, I tell you that this is how high blood pressure is generated in my entire genital area and that it will only be released when these fantastic tongues do whatever you want them to do.

It is very comfortable and lightweight. And I even suggest you show it to your partner. He will be able to savor and delight you in other corners while fantasizing that 10 other languages will take care of you like never before.

Get ready for a wow! new and intense. A number one toy in many countries, it is now within your reach.

If any of you have already tried it, let me know…

A kiss

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