Best positions for him

Cowgirl: This position pleases them by sight: there is nothing that excites them more than seeing a woman being the owner of her own pleasure and her body moving from top to bottom. In addition, they have the possibility to use their hands as they wish and touch hips, breasts or buttocks.

best positions

Missionary: They like this position because they can be in control. It is also the favorite to be with new and shy girls because they are just getting familiar with the sensations. It is the most used, not only because it is the first position used by the majority, but also because it is the most romantic and intimate.

Doggy: They like the sight, the deep penetration, the sounds and how primitive it really is. For their part, they know that many girls are not fanatics of this position, but, when they can take advantage of it, they do so without hesitation because it also allows them to take a fast and strong pace without being called upon by anyone.

Reverse cowgirl: This position is one of the favorites because it combines the view of the’ little dog’ and the deep penetration of the ‘cowgirl’. The only downside is that the penis is not as flexible and great care must be taken to ensure pleasure and not discomfort.

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