The ultimate Vibrators for 2018

Vibrators sure have come a long way

It’s a new year and a new you! Maybe you have a whole list of New Year’s resolutions or maybe you aren’t into them at all. We have a resolution that everyone should have and which will be a whole lot of fun to stick to: Revamping your adult toy drawers.

Everyone needs more sex in their lives! It’s good for you and for your relationships. So, we have a list of the best vibrators of 2018 so that you can perk things up in the bedroom.

Dame Products Fin

This vibrator has been all the rage lately, because it can be worn between the fingers and it has a strap that’s removable that helps keep it in place. It’s small and discreet. It’s rechargeable and it’s great to use with a partner.

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a classic that’s been around since the 1960s. It’s kind of big, but it works really, really well. It was exciting in 2015 when it came out cordless, but now it has rechargeable batteries!

Je Joue Mio

This has been designed to be worn on the penis, which makes it a great couples toy. The man can put it on and deliver amazing external vibration while enjoying deep penetrations. It’s great for both partners! But it’s also versatile, as it can be used with the hand to deliver stimulation or it can even be used on a dildo.

We-Vibe Sync

This vibrator is shaped like a C and it can be used externally and internally at the same time. What’s the best part? It comes with an app that can control it! This one is great for long distance partners, because it can be controlled whether you are right across the room from each other or across the country!

Womanizer Pro40

Stupid name, but smart toy. With adjustable intensities to suit your pleasure, this bad boy uses air for stimulation instead of simple vibrations. It’s also rechargeable!

We-Vibe Tango

This mini vibrator is more powerful than you think! It delivers deep vibrations and has several power settings that go from mild to very powerful. It has a tapered tip to reach your clitoris, has a discreet shape, and it’s rechargeable.

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

This is not really a vibrator. In fact, it’s referred to as a “pulsator” and it gives back and forth thrusts. It’s not for everyone, but if you like the sensation, you will love this guy.

Iroha Mini Vibe

This little guy is simple and to the point. It’s uncomplicated and comes with one speed. A great addition to your sex life.

JimmyJane Form 2

This powerful toy has a set of rabbit ears to deliver your preferred for of clitoral stimulation. It can vibrate all the nerve endings or you can focus on one pressure point. It’s also rechargeable!

SVAKOM Echo Mini

This one has a great price tag! Made with safe ABS silicone, this guy has the shape of a tongue and it’s a little hard and has a high vibration rate.

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Talk about a fashion statement! This really powerful vibrator comes in either silver, rose gold, or 24 karat gold plating. It uses a UBS to charge and it will bring you lots and lots of pleasure.


One of the most expensive vibrators on this list, think of it as a Cadillac of vibrators. Large and with gold-embellishments, it looks really good and will bring you some intense clitoral stimulation.

Vibrators sure have come a long way! They are ubiquitous in the sex toy world, but we’ve never seen them like this. Ain’t technology wonderful?

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